I attended a two day workshop on the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test. Recent research has demonstrated a high degree of validity for this test in assessing personality. Here’s some information about it:

…the Wartegg Drawing Completion Test (WDCT), created in 1926 by the German psychologist Ehrig Wartegg (1897-1983). The WDCT is a projective drawing technique consisting of 8 boxes, each of which contains an ambiguous mark. The assessee is invited to complete each panel by making a meaningful drawing that incorporates the mark in that panel. The resulting drawings can be rigorously scored and interpreted according to a system developed by the workshop presenter, Dr. Crisi. Recent research has demonstrated a high degree of validity for the Crisi scoring system in assessing personality and psychopathology.

Because the WDCT can be completed in 5’-10’ and is appropriate for children, adolescents, and adults, psychologists in Italy, Japan, Scandinavia, and South America frequently use it in psychological assessments. The WDCT is also used as a selection tool by the Italian armed forces. The WDCT is not well known in the United States; however, a recent meta-analysis attests to its validity. Recently the Wartegg was recognized as a valid performance-based personality test that can be used for certification in Therapeutic Assessment.