I’m pleased to announce that my colleagues Stephen E. Finn, Constance T. Fischer, and Leonard Handler have just released their new book Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment: A Casebook and Guide. My associate J.B. Allyn and I co-authored a chapter in this book titled “Collaboration in Neuropsychological Assessment: Metaphor As Intervention with a Suicidal Adult.” Here’s a description of the book:

Mental health professionals are increasingly enthusiastic about and ready to use psychological test data, research, and theory in life-relevant ways to improve diagnosis, client care, and treatment outcomes. With Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment (CTA), clients participate actively with the assessor in exploring how their test scores and patterns reflect who they are in their daily lives and how they can learn to help themselves cope with life’s challenges.

Using a case study approach to demonstrate how to apply CTA in practice, Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment provides practitioners with a variety of flexible and adaptable case examples featuring adults, children, adolescents, couples, and families from different backgrounds in need of treatment for assorted concerns.