Finding Answers to Your Life Problems

  • Are you having trouble finding solutions to the emotional problems you face?
  • Would you like to better understand why you and your partner are experiencing relationship issues?
  • Are you dealing with a child or adolescent’s difficult behaviors, attention problems, or low school grades?
  • Are you concerned about your memory or that of someone in your family?
  • Are you facing a medical challenge and confused about your next step?

How I Help My Clients

I provide psychological or neuropsychological assessments to help people understand and deal with questions such as these.

In my work as a testing psychologist, psychotherapist, and cognitive evaluator, I help clients with problems in areas such as

  • Troublesome child or adolescent behaviors
  • Learning disorders or underachievement problems
  • Grief and grieving
  • Coping with illness
  • Memory concerns

I use an interactive collaborative assessment method that accounts for both your strengths and difficulties.

Services I Provide

My goal is to help you to better understand any problems – yours, your child’s, or those of a significant other – and to remedy them as quickly as possible. I value your opinions and include your thinking in each step we take together to find the best solutions. Often the information we get from this work is also helpful to family members, educators, psychiatrists, or other concerned parties.

If this approach sounds like it might be valuable for you, please read more about the specific services I offer:

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Human Neuron – basic cell of the human brain
by Hilary Engelman

Dr. Diane Engelman

Answers to your Questions

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Working together, we can change your life story.