A Unique Psychological or Neuropsychological Approach that Helps You Identify and Solve Your Problems and Build Upon Your Strengths

Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment (CTA) forms the foundation for most of my work with clients.

My use of Collaborative/Therapeutic Assessment involves either a targeted or comprehensive psychological or neuropsychological assessment (see below for descriptions of targeted and comprehensive assessments).

Through the CTA approach, I encourage you to actively participate in creating the changes you seek. By fully involving you in all aspects of your care – from clarifying your diagnosis to planning the best treatment – I help you find new ways to solve your problems and move forward.

CTA Is Unique in Several Ways:

  • You are involved at every level of the process and valued for your knowledge and opinions.
  • I help you develop the questions you wish to have answered.
  • I seek to answer questions with you about your problems.
  • I deliver results in simple language that you can understand and use.
  • I look at your strengths, which are likely to hold a part of the solution to your problems.
  • The assessment process can serve as a brief form of psychotherapy.
  • In ongoing psychotherapy, assessment findings help us to target your treatment.
  • You learn new ways to advocate for yourself to get your needs met.

Collaborative Therapeutic Assessment includes aspects of the collaborative assessment model of Constance T. Fischer, Ph.D., and the semi-structured Therapeutic Assessment approach of Stephen E. Finn, Ph.D. (Finn, 2007; Fischer, 1994). CTA specifically aims to help you create positive change. I work directly with you to develop questions you want to answer. Learn more.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Notice of Privacy Practices: By law, I, Diane Engelman, am required to insure that your protected health information is kept private. Click on the link above to read or print the full document.

Working together, we can change your life story.